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Small permanent magnet motor controller.
Power transistors are in a full bridge configuration.
Power: 500W (800W)
Voltages: 24V, 36V
Max. current: 70A (90A)
Continuous current: 30A

error codes

LED Description
1 BLINK EEPROM or logic or watchdog circuit fault
2 BLINKS Wrong starting sequence or both directions inputs high
3 BLINKS Bad M1 and M2 voltage or capacitor charge failed
4 BLINKS Accelerator voltage is wrong
5 BLINKS Motor current measure fault
6 BLINKS Main relay is welded or coil fault
7 BLINKS Too high or too low temperature
8 BLINKS Electric brake driver error
32 BLINKS Battery too low

MDI Description
AL02 Electric brake driver fault
AL08 Watchdog, logic circuit fault
AL13 EEPROM fault
AL32 VMN voltage not ok, motor short circuit
AL37 Contactor closed
AL49 Current sensor error - no current
AL53 Current sensor fault, high current but no PWM
AL60 Capacitor charge fault
AL62 Thermal protection
AL66 Battery low
AL73 Main relay or aux output short circuit
AL74 Main relay short circuit
AL75 Contactor driver fault
AL78 Accelerator voltage is not ok
AL79 Incorrect start, wrong sequence of switches and accelerator
AL80 Both direction inpust are active
AL86 Pedal wire open-circuit, no potentiometer
AL96 Too high motor current
AL98 MDI and chopper - different MTH counter value
AL99 Check-up needed