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Inverter for AC asynchronous 3-phase motors.
Equipped with CAN-bus interface.
Power: 700W to 2.5kW
Voltages: 24V, 36V, 48V
Max. current (24 and 36V): 250A RMS
Max. current (48V): 180A RMS
Booster current: +10% of maximum current
Operating frequency: 8Khz

error codes

RED LED Description
1 BLINK Logic failure, EEPROM error, watchdog circuit trigerred, check up needed
2 BLINKS Wrong starting sequence, both directions active, encoder error
3 BLINKS Incorrect phase voltage or wrong capacitor charge
4 BLINKS Accelerator voltage fault, pedal wire open
5 BLINKS Failure current sensor
6 BLINKS Failure of contactor driver or coils
7 BLINKS Excessive controller temperature, motor temperature too high
8 BLINKS Can bus error or safety circuit problem
LONG BLINK Battery low
NO BLINK No keyswitch voltage, internal error or problem in a remote module