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Inverter for AC asynchronous or BLDC or PMAC or SyncRel motors.
Equipped with CAN-bus interface, flash program memory and 2 microprocessors.
Power: 2kW - 7kW
Voltages: 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V, 120V
Max. current (24V): 320A or 350A RMS
Max. current (36V-48V): 280A or 320A RMS
Max. current (72V-80V): 200A RMS
Max. current (120V): 100A RMS
Operating frequency: 8Khz

error codes

MDI CAN display Description
AL08 Watchdog, logic circuit fault, software corrupted
AL17 Failure in high current hardware protection circuit
AL26 Current sensor is damaged
AL27 One of motor phases is open
AL31 Motor output voltage too high
AL40 Electrobrake driver is shorted
AL41 Wrong battery voltage or wrong Set Battery parameter
AL42 Driver of electomagnetic brake is not able to close
AL47 Valve 2 driver is shorted or failed
AL48 Valve 1 driver is shorted or failed
AL49 Lift and lower input both active
AL50 Valve 1 coil open circuit
AL51 Valve 2 coil open circuit
AL53 High phase current at stand-by, wrong voltage on startup
AL54 Over or undervoltage condition has been detected
AL55 Motor voltage feedback circuits are damaged
AL60 Capacitor charging time is too long
AL61 Thermal sensor out of range
AL62 Controller has reached thermal cutback temperature (85 deg.C)
AL65 Battery low or motor temperature too high
AL67 Motor thermal sensor out of range
AL68 Smart driver in controller is open or problem with canbus
AL71 Eeprom error
AL72 Motor output voltage too low
AL74 Driver of main contactor or valve coil shorted, coil disconnected, AUX output shorted to positive
AL75 Main contactor contact is stuck or electrovalve driver is open
AL76 Coil is shorted (contactor, electromagnetic brake, valves) or key-off signal is low at key-on
AL77 Contactor do not close or Tiller input mismatch (hard&soft and tiller input)
AL78 Accelerator input value too high and direction inputs are open
AL79 Incorrect starting sequence
AL80 Positive PAUX voltage is not connected- wrong voltage or both travel directions at the same time
AL82 Encoder problem
AL86 Positive supply to electromagnetic brake is high when tiller switch is opened or accelerator negative wire is open
AL89 Short circuit on power transistors or pump accelerator is too high
AL92 Maximum current adjustment procedure has not been carried out yet
AL96 Problem in microcontroller - analog to digital conversion
AL98 Deadman input open
AL99 Error on parameters of slip profile settings