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Small inverter for AC asynchronous 3-phase motors.
Equipped with CAN-bus interface.
Power: 0.8kW, 1.2kW
Voltages: 24V, 36V
Max. current: 100A RMS
Booster current: 120A RMS
Operating frequency: 8Khz

error codes

MDI 02xxx
e.g. 02A16
AL01 Wrong configuration
AL08 Watchdog, logic circuit fault
AL13 EEPROM fault
AL16 Aux output shorted
AL17 Wrong phase current
AL18 Wrong phase voltage
AL19 Battery undervoltage or overvoltage
AL30 Phase voltage too low
AL31 Phase voltage too high
AL37 Main contactor is closed
AL38 Main contactor does not close
AL53 High phase current at stand-by
AL55 Lift accelerator - wrong voltage
AL60 Capacitor charging time is too long
AL61 Inverter temperature too high
AL65 Motor temperature too high
AL67 Can bus line error
AL70 Encoder error
AL71 Handbrake applied
AL73 Inverter thermal sesor signal out of range
AL76 Coil is shorted
AL78 Accelerator voltage not ok
AL79 Incorrect start sequence
AL80 Forward and reverse - both active
AL86 Accelerator open circuit
AL88 Proportional valve voltage incorrect
AL89 MOS transistor shorted
AL90 Lift or lower active at key-on
AL91 Forward and reverse both active
AL92 Wrong zero position - hydraulic accelerator
AL93 Incorrect phase voltage
AL94 Current sensor KO
AL95 Wrong acquisition, unknown motor resistance
AL96 Analog input fault, AD converter fault
AL97 Overload, too high phase current
AL99 Check-up needed