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Small permanent magnets motor controller.
Motor power: 200W to 1000W
Voltages: 24V, 36V, 48V
Max. current: 70A
Operating frequency: 8kHz

error codes

RED LED Description
1 BLINK EEPROM error, wrong parameters, watchdog circuit has been trigerred
2 BLINKS Incorrect start, wrong sequence, function switch active after key-on
3 BLINKS Wrong VMN output voltage
4 BLINKS Accelerator high in standby
5 BLINKS Motor current sensor fault
6 BLINKS Anomaly on negative of potentiometer
7 BLINKS Excessive temperature
8 BLINKS Anomaly on general contactor
9 BLINKS Tiller or inversion switch active at starting
CONTINUOUS BLINKING Battery discharged
ON Forward and reverse, both inputs active