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Chopper for DC separately excited motors
Power: 0.5kW to 2kW
Voltages: 24V, 36V
Max. field current: 35A
Max. armature current: 150A or 200A
Field frequency: 1Khz
Armature frequency: 16Khz

error codes

RED LED Description
1 BLINK EEPROM error, wrong parameters, watchdog circuit, logic error
2 BLINKS Incorrect start, wrong sequence, function switch active after key-on
3 BLINKS Wrong VMN or field voltage, short to B-
4 BLINKS Accelerator high in standby, accelerator wire open
5 BLINKS Error in read motor armature or motor field current
6 BLINKS Malfunction of contactor driver circuit
7 BLINKS Thermal protection
32 BLINKS Battery charge low, less than 10%